Support us is totally self-funded, and needs your support in terms of time, funding, and promotion.

1. Time

If you have time available (starting from one hour per week) and would like to help us, send us an e-mail.

2. Funding

We need money to cover our basic administrative expenses, essentially:

  • printing hard copies of flyers and documentation (very few)
  • registration to events
  • travel and communication expenses
  • food and lodging (when we are travelling)
  • web server maintenance fee

We make substantial optimization efforts (e.g. we look systematically for “couch surfing” options for loding, or we minimize shipping costs for our material by relying on the whereabouts of people we are in contact with). However not all expenses can be managed this way.

You can send us money in three ways

2.1 By donating cash during one of our events

We will issue a receipt for you in this case.

2.2 Wire transfer on our bank account


IBAN: IT08Q0501802800000000138873 (Banca Etica, Succursale di Firenze)

2.3 Online, via PayPal

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3. Promotion

If you like what we do, please spread the word: tell your friends about us, and you will still be helping our mission.

2 thoughts on “Support us

  1. Hi, we are a group of players of Minority sports at Bilbao and we would want to start playing to palla every two months. We would organize local tournaments every two months but we would want to encourage you to create an european ranking of palla players. In that simple list we could appear ourselve (8-12 players from Basque Country) and other players from Italy. The system would be so easy and if everything runs well we could organize the World Championship in Italy. Do you like the idea?

  2. Hi, I dont remember what was your email so I have sent you the World Ranking to your facebook page. Give me an answer please. Bye. I am Egoitz.

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