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NSOW #4, Oct. 24, 2015: The Tefia Windmill, Fuerteventura

Photo by Federico Giussani – The Tefia Windmill, Fuerteventura.


The Tefia Windmill is in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands. The light from the image is by the adjacent astronomical observatory. The area is in one of the sites recognized by UNESCO as a “Starlight Reserve”.
The shot was among the finalists of the SPIE photo contest, launched last year as one of the precursor events for the International Year of Light, declared by the United Nations in 2015.

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NSOW #3, Oct. 13, 2015: The Giuncarico exit on State Road 1 Aurelia, Grosseto

Photo by Federico Giussani – State Road 1, Aurelia, South Direction, by the exit for Giuncarico.


It is interesting to note the difference in lighting of the grass on the strip just along the road, lit by the cars.

The hamlet of Montepescali at the far right, with the yellow light typical of Sodium lamps. Astronomers use to like these lights a lot because their emission spectrum is concentrated in a very “narrow” wavelenght range. This way it can be easily filtered out from images of the sky, and will not represent a significant interference with their observations.

With the gradual proliferation of other lighting technologies, which have “wider” emission spectrums, their exercise become a bit more difficult.

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NSOW #1, Sep 28, 2015: Sunflowers under the Milky Way along the “La Trappola” road (Grosseto)

Photo by Federico Giussani. Along the province road no. 40 “La Trappola” (i.e. “The trap”), between Grosseto and Principina a Mare, August 2012.


The image was selected by the Grosseto Chamber of Commerce as the backdrop for the posters of the 2014 “Maremma Winefoodshire” wine and food fair in Grosseto.

Sunflowers are indeed one of the favourite elements in a postcard from Southern Tuscany (although they don’t grow just here!).

You may recall that Southern Tuscany is, in Italy, one of the three regions with the best night sky quality.


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Nightscape of the week: a new “column” by

The BuioMetria Partecipativa project has always cared about photography.

ftea_logoIn addition to using photos (and videos) to document our work, in 2010 we launched the “Between Dusk and Dawn” photo contest, for subjects to be portrayed in as dark as possible conditions and no flash. We had the participation of over 600 people from 52 countries and almost 1000 photo submissions.

In 2011 a selection of these photos, curated by Andrea Giacomelli, was presented at the Toscana Photo Festival. In the same venue, last July we had an exhibition by Federico Giussani, a young photographer from Grosseto, Southern Tuscany, mainly specialized in nightscapes.

From the collaboration with Federico Giussani the idea of the “nightscape of the week” was born: summing the angle of a photographer and an environmental engineer in the context, we would like to propose some of our views on the meaning of light at night. Possibly it’s not the first anthology of nighscapes, but it’s something we feel like doing in this season, starting from our own professional experiences. The plan is not to run the column for some months, ideally running through the Winter.

We have an interesting archive to dig from, and are always shooting new pictures, but the column is open: if you like the idea of submitting an image, feel free to contact

All images published on the site will be assigned the NSOW category.